FEITIAN OTP c200 OATH Time-based [TOTP] 2FA Token | H27

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FEITIAN Single Button OTP c200 hardware token is an OATH-compliant, time-based, One-Time Password (TOTP) token with an LCD display.

By simply pressing the button, OTP c200 generates and displays a secure one-time password every 30/60 seconds, ensuring proper identification and allowing only authenticated users with authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data.

Provides the most cost-effective two-factor authentication for enterprises to manage secure access to information in the global market.


  • The perfect replacement for Mobile Token (such as Google Authenticator)
  • OATH-compliant time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) token
  • Dedicated battery icon to show the remaining battery level
  • Zero footprint: No software on end-user’s PC
  • Simple, secure and highly cost-effective 2FA solution

    Compatible with multiple services:

    • https://ftsafe.us/knowledge-base/otp/how-to-set-up-feitian-otp-products-with-x-service/
    • Feitian OTP Authentication Server
    • Microsoft Azure MFA (both cloud and on-premise version)
    • Entrust Identity Guard
    • Sophos Firewall (v9.2 and later)
    • SafeNet Authentication Service
    • LinOTP (KeyIdentify)
    • MicroFocus (netIQ)
    • AccessMatrix Universal Authentication (i-Sprint)
    • Echidna (SaltGroup)
    • SxS Authentication Solution (Asseco)
    • Cryptomathic Authenticator
    • OpenOTP Authentication Server (RCDevs)
    • AuthControl Sentry & Cloud (SwivelSecure)

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    Seed Delivery

    By default, FEITIAN will deliver OTP Seed/secret files to the contact email address on the order, shortly after we ship the order. If a different email is required or a different encoding format, please add a specific note to the order.

    Seed Encoding Format

    The default format we will provide is for HOTP tokens/cards - Hexadecimal; and for TOTP tokens/cards - Base32

    We support multiple encoding formats, but most commonly:


    Default, works with Duo, Okta, etc.


    Required for Azure AD


    RFC 6030 xml with AES 128 key

      Delivery mechanics

      We will send two emails, one containing the encrypted seed files, another the password to decrypt.