FEITIAN: How does FIDO U2F Security Keys protect against phishing emails?

U2F hardens your credentialing for login, which assures no one can hijack your online accounts - and that includes phishing attacks even if the scammer obtains your password.  With a FIDO U2F security key activated, user login is bound to the origin and or  holder of the key, thereby rendering your password useless to the scammer.   Similar to how physical keys protect entry to homes, the same applies to Feitian FIDO U2F security keys protecting entry to online accounts from phishing attacks.  

Imagine a FIDO U2F security key just like a hotel room key.  When checking in at a hotel, the front desk person codes your key (a physical card) to your room and hands it to you.  Upon inserting that key into the room’s front door handle slot, the data on the key communicates with the locking system that you are authorized to enter the room.   FIDO U2F security keys work in the same way in making online access to your accounts only possible if you are in possession of the physical coded key. 

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