FEITIAN: FIDO U2F Security Keys

You’re likely familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA) from the use of a bank card and a PIN, using  two sets of data to perform a transaction.  In accessing accounts online you may also be familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA) in the form of a one-time-use code texted to your phone, required for submission and successful login to an account.  However the most secure version of two-factor authentication (2FA) is a physical security key that serves the same purpose as a PIN or texted code instead.  This physical key is what is referred to with the term FIDO U2F Security Key or spelled out,  Fast ID Online Universal 2nd Factor Security Key.   FIDO U2F Security key is an ID authentication standard that uses one physical key for logging into multiple online services simplifying while elevating the security provided by two-factor authentication (2FA).   You don't need any special technical skills to use a FIDO U2F Security Key and after a one-time initial setup with the online service, the steps for use are: 

  1. At the online service users login just as before  
  1. User insert their FIDO U2F Security key into an available USB port on the computer  
  1. Login is confirmed & successful instantly 

With a FIDO U2F security key set up with an online account, no one can access the account unless they have both the password and possession of the physical key itself.  By authenticating users’ identities prior to their accessing the network, FIDO U2F security keys protect server resources, applications and data against unauthorized access. FIDO U2F security keys are compatible with most of the online services that people use, including: 

  • Google, Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft, Dropbox, Github, Salesforce and many more. 
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge  
  • Any Android / iOS platforms with Bluetooth v4. 0+, and with essentially any software supporting U2F protocol allowing enhanced security.   

FIDO U2F security keys are an easy-to-use experience for newcomers and an effective way to protect both users and organizational assets when passwords alone aren’t sufficient protection.  Click here to learn why the FEITIAN ePass FIDO® Series Security Key presents the best combination of security, flexibility and value in FIDO® U2F security keys.    

For wireless applications, FEITIAN ePass FIDO® -NFC and MultiPass FIDO® Security Key are devices to go beyond the traditional two-factor authentication systems, the built-in Bluetooth (BLE, MultiPass FIDO® only), NFC, and USB communication options empower users with flexibility in achieving secure FIDO® U2F authentication including wirelessly smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.  

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