FEITIAN: Benefits of Using FIDO U2F Security Keys:

FIDO U2F Security keys enable you to solve complex identity access management and security challenges, at scale, without friction,  at multiple different locations for workforces, student populations, customer bases, and organization/group members of all types.  Whether you're modernizing a legacy authentication system, automating an HR joiner-mover-leaver process, or meeting insurance requirements,  FIDO U2F Security keys resolve identity and access management challenges connecting all of your users to their apps, infrastructure, and APIs, no matter whether they are, in the cloud or IT infrastructure hardware and software applications that are hosted on-site. FIDO U2F Security keys: 


  • allows users to create and fully control their online identities including having multiple identities across different online services, without any personal information tied to the identity.    Asymmetric cryptography or the ability to generate a combination of a public software key that encrypts data and a private software key that decrypts data - does not involve any personal information and does not create any links between different accounts or servers the user may have.  


  • allows to augment the enterprise online security cost and reduces resources consumption on support issues and is an identity access management solution immediately deployable and scalable within an organization’s ecosystem.  In addition to introducing significant risk,  passwords are also a major direct cost.  Research indicates employees reach out to a help desk to resolve password problems  up to 10 times per year, with each reset costings $40-50. Additionally, there’s a loss of productivity cost until such time that the employee is able to successfully log back into the system and continue working. FIDO U2F Security key authentication eliminates these costs along with the productivity disruption and overall incident response costs connected with identity and credential-based attacks. 


  • satisfies privacy and security objectives of organizations allowing employees and group members to use their personal devices to get work done and supports ‘bring your own device’ & remote work protection policy for an enterprise or university. Users simply have to get their FIDO U2F Security key registered with the server and use it once to get connected to online services.   


  • achieves passwordless authentication and users no longer have to come up with strong password concerns as the FIDO U2F Security keys cannot be easily hacked easily or tampered and are very protective against any downside attack.  Passwords remain the greatest risk to online security. Stolen credentials account for 80% of online attacks and 50% of online data breaches.  Removing passwords from identity authentication hardens security defenses and reduces vulnerability to scammers phishing and other attacks on users. 


  • achieve compliance with regulatory standards as FIDO U2F Security key authentication on most parameters exceeds  governmental and industry cybersecurity standards, such as NIST 800-63B and PSD2.  Additionally, FIDO U2F Security key authentication is endorsed by CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) and OMB government agencies reflects it’s strong standing as an accepted best practice for other regulatory compliances like HIPAA or PCI-DSS. 



Click here to learn why the FEITIAN ePass FIDO® Series Security Key presents the best combination of security, flexibility and value in FIDO® U2F security keys.   For wireless applications, FEITIAN ePass FIDO® -NFC and MultiPass FIDO® Security Key are devices to go beyond the traditional two-factor authentication systems, the built-in Bluetooth (BLE, MultiPass FIDO® only), NFC, and USB communication options empower users with flexibility in achieving secure FIDO® U2F authentication including wirelessly smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.  

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