FEITIAN OTP c200 OATH Time-based [TOTP] 2FA Token | H41

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The OTP c200 is a small key-chain authentication token. This token generates a new 6-digit password every 60 seconds to ensure a safe user experience. The OTP c200 complies with the IETF draft of time-based authentication methods.


Seed Delivery

By default, FEITIAN will deliver OTP Seed/secret files to the contact email address on the order, shortly after we ship the order. If a different email is required or a different encoding format, please add a specific note to the order.

Seed Encoding Format

The default format we will provide is for HOTP tokens/cards - Hexadecimal; and for TOTP tokens/cards - Base32

We support multiple encoding formats, but most commonly:


Default, works with Duo, Okta, etc.


Required for Azure AD


RFC 6030 xml with AES 128 key

    Delivery mechanics

    We will send two emails, one containing the encrypted seed files, another the password to decrypt.


    2-year warranty

    Branding and customizations

    Need branding or other customization options, please contact us.

    Product Datasheet

    OTP c200 Datasheet