Compact PKI-based Security Key & FIDO Tokens Combined with the Industry’s best Credential Management System

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FEITIAN Technologies has partnered with Versasec to provide you with:

  • The highest level of security with traceability, audit, and non-repudiation.
  • Centralized management of the lifecycle of FEITIAN keys and tokens with PKI, PIV or FIDO capabilities.
  • Secure remote access with multi-factor authentication.
  • Low-cost managing password policies.
  • Connection to all aspects of directories, certificate authorities, physical access control systems, email servers, biometric fingerprint readers and more.
  • Capacity to deploy solution on-prem and private clouds or as SaaS.
  • Fast Implementation, High Security and Cost-Effective solution.

Visit the Versasec website https://download.versasec.com/products/product-registration to download a free evaluation version.  

FEITIAN ePass FIDO2 USB-A + NFC Security Key | K9 - FEITIAN Technologies US
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ePass FIDO2 USB-C + NFC Security Key | K40 - FEITIAN Technologies US
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BioPass FIDO2 Biometric Fingerprint USB-C Security Key | K26 - FEITIAN Technologies US
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