FEITIAN Passwordless Security Keys
& OTP Tokens for AWS Applications

Online Security is our Priority!
AWS Users can now be protected with Passwordless Authentication (or OTP)

As a member of the AWS Partner Network, FEITIAN Technologies has:
Path to Passwordless Kit Options, Individual Passwordless Security Keys,
and One Time Password TOTP Token/Card Options
for Multi-Factor Authentication to safeguard your AWS Account and Access to AWS Applications.

FEITIAN MFA Security Keys used for Increased Cybersecurity with AWS Cloud Case Study (Overview)

  • FEITIAN Multi-Factor Authentication Security Keys have been deployed with a leading Cybersecurity Company with their AWS Cloud.
  • This US Based organization needed increased Cybersecurity to protect their business information, client data, and administrative references.
  • The FEITIAN K9 ePass NFC for USB-A Security Key was used by multiple Staff Members.
  • The User Experience (UX) with the FEITIAN Security Keys with easier with reduced reliance on Passwords.
  • This resulted with a faster and easier Multi-Factor Authentication Security Key adoption by the company employees.
  • To date, there have been no security issues with the AWS Cloud for the company with the continued use of FEITIAN Security Keys.

*For a Limited Time, FEITIAN is offerring AWS Users a One-Time 10 % Discount.
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