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FEITIAN ePass FIDO2 USB Security Keys for Airbnb Partners

Your safety is our priority. Airbnb is designed with safety—both online and off—in mind.

FEITIAN Technologies has partnered with Airbnb to provide it's global partners with FEITIAN FIDO Security Keys for multi-factor authentication to safeguard your Airbnb account and access online tools and features on the Airbnb platform.

Account Protection

We take a number of measures to safeguard your Airbnb account, like requiring multi-factor authentication when a login is attempted from a new phone or computer and sending you account alerts when changes are made.

Secure Payments

Our secure platform ensures your money gets to the host—that’s why we ask you to always pay through Airbnb and never wire money or pay someone directly.

Access Online Tools

Access online tools and advanced features directly on the Airbnb platform or through exisiting software.

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