OTP c200 NFC OATH Time-based [TOTP] 2FA Token (6 Digit, 60-seconds) | i34

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The OTP c200 is a small key-chain authentication token. This token generates a new 6 digit password every 60 seconds to ensure a safe user experience. The OTP c200 complies with the IETF draft of time-based authentication methods.

Key Features

  • Strong two-factor authentication
  • Each OTP password is only valid for 30 seconds
  • Zero client software installation
  • Compliant with the OATH-TOTP algorithm
  • Extremely accurate internal clock
  • Larger display than the H41 casing
  • Passcode display timer
  • Battery-life indicator bars
  • Stronger battery for extended battery life and enhanced battery protection to prevent the cell from over-discharging. 

Compatible with multiple services:

  • Feitian OTP Authentication Server
  • Microsoft Azure MFA (both cloud and on-premise version)
  • Entrust Identity Guard
  • Symantec VIP
  • Sophos Firewall (v9.2 and later)
  • SafeNet Authentication Service
  • LinOTP (KeyIdentify)
  • MicroFocus (netIQ)
  • AccessMatrix Universal Authentication (i-Sprint)
  • Echidna (SaltGroup)
  • SxS Authentication Solution (Asseco)
  • Cryptomathic Authenticator
  • OpenOTP Authentication Server (RCDevs)
  • AuthControl Sentry & Cloud (SwivelSecure)

Improvements over H41 casing

  • Supports NFC Seed Programming

  • Larger LCD display

  • Integrated battery life indicator

  • Extended battery life

  • IP67 Ingress Protection

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