FEITIAN Fingerprint Card F2000_A with USB Card-Holder

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Unlock your world with your fingerprint. By embedding the world leading fingerprint module, the fingerprint card can provide the user a high rank secured experience within a blink of the time.

The fingerprint authentication will be considered as an additional secure element in the existing scenario. The card can be used in many ways including access control, banking & payment, authentication systems, etc.

Once registered, the user's fingerprint data will be securely stored and matched inside the fingerprint card. It will not be revealed to any person or software about the user's sensitive biometric data.

The FEITIAN Fingerprint Card is a Smart Card embedded with flexible biometric sensor and strong matching chip, where:

  • Biometric Sample Capture (Enrollment / Verification)
  • Minutiae Template Extraction
  • Template Storage
  • Templates Matching

Easy fingerprint enrollment using the FEITIAN mobile application via bluetooth.

The card can be deployed in any existing system with fully-qualified ISO 14443 contactless readers.